King Shelter Release Music Video


King Shelter, an Orange County-based “salad rock” band, has just released a new music video for their single “Preoccupy,” a song about the dissection of American values set to a video about the California junkrat nightlife. The video was directed by Connor Buss of Foreword Films, Produced by Broken Co., and Edited by Jose Ordonez.

King Shelter's Taylor Hecocks describes the point of the song: "What are we trying to gain? Why do we keep doing these things? Why are we intentionally hurting other individuals for a temporary preoccupation? But most importantly, how can we be better? Because we CAN do better, we just have to try,” he says. “The 'Preoccupy' music video is an observation and an introduction to the scum and slime punks of LA. We exist.”

You can watch the video and check it our for for yourself below and get acquainted with the “salad rock” style, a mashing of California-based rock genres!

King Shelter's whole thesis is that no one person is more important than anyone else, especially in this artistical realm. They aim to make music that stands alongside the people listening, not above them. Hecocks states: “If we want things to be better, then we have to do it. Change happens by people doing things, by people disregarding classes and associations. I want people to see what is important. People are important, art is important, output is important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT." 

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