Anthony Green Releases Phenomenal Solo Album

This past Friday, Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin) put out his long-awaited solo album Pixie Queen to mass audiences. The album is something of a collaboration between Green and Will Yip, who produced and released the album through his Memory Music label.

You can listen to the AV Club stream by following the link here.

Pixie Queen Track Listing:
1. You'll Be Fine
2. I'm Not Holding You Back
3. Will It Be
4. A Reason To Stay
5. East Coast Winters
6. Dawn On The Canal
7. From What I Understand
8. Cellar
9. Better Half
10. I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done
11. Pixie Queen


The album is ambitious, boasting a multitude of instrumentation in the layered and beautiful arrangements that accompany Green's vocals. It's chock full of emotion, with an explorative spirit imbuing the entirety of the album. It feels as though Green has matured even more since his last solo release, which came out in 2014. Constantly building on his identity as an artist, it only makes sense that this change occurs as he sets forth to outdo himself with each successive album. 

Green has also set out on a solo tour that began on September 2nd and will come to an end on October 1st right here in Philly. Make it a point to come out and see him! Check the dates below:

Anthony Green is a busy man, so you'd be smart to follow him on his respective social media outlets in order to stay up-to-date so you'll know what he's up to next! As always, stay tuned!

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