Smoke Signals Put Out Music Video For "Epilogue"

As of late, the Little Rock, Arkansas metalcore quintet Smoke Signals has been gradually rolling out singles from their upcoming full-length ANXIETY. 

With the album set for a September 12th release date, the band recently released the song and accompanying video for "Epilogue", the sixth (and somewhat misleadingly, not final) song on the album. Indulging in crushing grooves galore, this band is bringing an uncompromising bite to the metalcore scene. Check out the video below:

On "Epilogue", the band explores a more developed emotional direction. The gruff clean vocals paired with the punishing roughs and the pounding riffage give off a heavier, more desolate Miss May I vibe, and add to the impact of the song's lyrics.

Britton Shrum, Smoke Signals' guitarist/clean vocalist, says of the song: "We really wanted to push the limits of the music we were already creating... 'Epilogue' is a song about living with depression, constantly second-guessing things and then the effect it can have on your life." It's clear that the band is raring to bring some degree of innovation to their sound. One can listen to this and their three other previously released singles - as well as pre-order ANXIETY - at the band's Bandcamp. 

ANXIETY Track List:
1. Ghost
2. Home
3. Moving On
4. Fixation
5. The Red Dress
6. Epilogue
8. Deceptive
9. Impulsive
10. Nothing
11. Alone Inside
12. I Can't Stay

Having had an eventful summer, the band will also be playing three shows in Texas later this month with A Tragedy At Hand. You can check out the dates on their respective social media outlets. The band has much to look forward to, so if you enjoy them, do yourself a favor and follow them for the latest details!

Get ready to go out and see these boys in action, and as always, stay tuned!

Smoke Signals: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp