Neaux Release New Video, Announce New Album.

Brooklyn based shoegaze band Neaux have released their first single and music video for their upcoming debut album Fell Off the Deep End.

Harking back to the days of Lush and Sonic Youth, Neaux are part of the recent resurgence of the shoegaze sound. Muddy guitars, dreamy vocals, and soothing melodies are the centerpieces of that sound. Originally formed by the main songwriters Sierra Kay and Nick Fit, Neaux was soon joined by Ryan Briggs and Chris Peters to fill out the sound.

The new song “Make Me Stay” is the first track we get to hear from the band’s upcoming release. The video is simple, featuring Kay and Fit, and utilizing a number of almost unsettling camera angles. It’s also strikingly red. The video fits the song excellently.

Fell Off the Deep End will be released on September 16 from Iron Pier records. 

1. Slowstroll
2. Somewhere Up North
3. High Hopes
4. Only Lonely
5. Make Me Stay
6. Beaten Bruised and Over It
7. Deep Dive
8. Sorry I Said It

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