Planes Mistake For Stars Share Announcements

After disbanding in 2007 and touring as recently as 2012, the ever-inventive punk-rockers Planes Mistaken For Stars are finally preparing to release music they've been carefully working on since last year, and that's not all!

They're also announcing tour dates and streaming their brand-new single "Fucking Tender". The song is a fitting return to form, dropping listeners right into a familiar swirling dervish of wailing guitars and charging headlong with warm, layered, effects-laden vocals to boot!

Listen to it below!

Fans will have to wait until October 21st to listen to Prey, the band's fourth studio album, which is coming out through Deathwish, Inc. The process of creating this album was meticulous to say the least; not only did the band recruit the reputable Sanford Parker (Wovenhand, Yob) to produce and engineer the album, but also founder Gared O'Donnell took to the road alone and stayed in seedy motels to find inspiration for the album's lyrics. It's clear that the band is pouring everything they've got into this work, and it's making the wait even harder to bear.

Prey Track Listing:

1.  Dementia Americana
2.  Til' It Clicks
3.  Riot Season
4.  Fucking Tenderness
5.  She Who Steps
6.  Clean Up Mean
7.  Black Rabbit
8.  Pan In Flames
9.  Enemy Blinds
10.  Alabaster Cello

In support of the album, Planes Mistaken For Stars also announced a string of tour dates spanning the central/south-eastern US. They'll be on the road from October 26th to November 4th, so be sure to catch them if they come through your area!

You can pre-order Prey now from the band's own website. There are more song releases and related material to come, so be sure to follow these gents on their various social media outlets to stay on top of the latest news. As always, stay tuned!

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