Kenzie Moore Releases "Body of Armor"

Indie-pop star Kenzie Moore has just unveiled her new single “Body of Armor” from her upcoming debut album. 

Kenzie Moore is just 22 years old, juggling her musical and academic careers as so many of us find ourselves doing these days. That hasn’t stopped her though, and her debut EP Stories was able to reach #69 on the iTunes indie charts on its first day of release!

“Body of Armor” is the first single from her debut full length album which is as of yet untitled. The song is about being a true friend to somebody who is going through a break up or a rough time in a relationship, or being their armor. It’s a position that many of us have found ourselves in, and it makes the song easy to relate to. Moore’s Adele inspired sounds is sure to be appealing to a wide audience.

Check out "Body of Armor" here!

In an interview with Girl’s Life magazine, Kenzie spoke a little about the track, “I wanted a song that was a love song but also kind of shows that women can be strong, too. We can not only fight our own battles but we are there for the ones we love. It isn't always the man needing to save the damsel in distress, we can be the superhero, too.”

Kenzie Moore’s new album is due out this fall from Pop Fiction, and you can check out her social media for more!

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