Butcher Knives Share Music Video

Brooklyn gypsybilly band Butcher Knives have just released a video for “American Dream” off of their debut album entitled Misery

The video was directed and edited by Butcher Knives’ frontman Nacho Segura. It includes footage of the band performing the song, as well as clips of a number of US Immigrants sharing their immigration story, and a dash of old news footage. The mixture works well to deliver a clear message. The ideals of immigrating to the United States are not the same as the realities of that immigration.

This topic is close to Butcher Knives, as they feature a lineup of various cultures, with members coming from Colombia, Israel, New Orleans, New York, and even Morocco. 

Butcher Knives define themselves as “Gypsybilly.” It’s a fitting name, seeing as their influences rain from The Clash, to Johnny Cash, to bluegrass, to flamenco, to psychobilly, and beyond. Their instrumentation may be considered just as eclectic as their inspirations and indeed the band itself. They use a mix of traditional rock instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keys) along with some lesser seen ones (Accordian, Banjo) to great effect.

For more on Butcher Knives, check out their website!