Better Things Share New Single

Alt-Punk band, Better Things have released a brand new single straight off of their upcoming album!

Getting Worse is expected to release on August 19th, and in preparation, VA based guys Better Things have shared their single, "Named After A Kiss Song." The recording of the track came together very quickly says the band's producer Ryan Cohen, who owns Robot Dog Studio in VT. "I love the simplicity of this song," says Cohen. "I think Brad took two takes and we were like, 'Cool. Sounds good. Let's get some Moe's'"

Meanwhile, the band had this to say about the track, "I wrote this song as a valentine's day present for a girl who later shit on my heart," says vocalist Brad Yandow. "Originally, I intended for it to be entirely acoustic and eventually I talked to the band about putting it on this album. In the studio I taught them all three notes and bada-bing bada-boom."

"Named After A Kiss Song" is available for purchase on Bandcamp!

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