Sheevaa Release New Single From Upcoming EP

Nu metal may have just gotten its comeback kids in the form of Chicago's own Sheevaa!

The band recently released "Depression," the first single off their upcoming EP The Five Stages of Grief. By combining unstable nu metal aggression with Eastern Indian melody, the band has carte blanche to truly breathe life back into a derelict genre that has been on the upswing in the past few years. 

Sheevaa, which consists of Akash Hans, Pete Dornowski, Roberto Sullivan, and Ryan Walter, deliver in a way few recent acts have. Some classic nu metal bands, most notably Korn and Slipknot, characterized the fine line between their melody and heaviness in a way that seemed like a releasing of demons, as though their very sanity depended on writing the music they put out (which in some ways is true). On "Depression," we see this idea come to fruition admirably. The driving percussion, slimy guitars, and snarling bass are the glue that holds everything together, but the attitude is characterized best in Akash Hans' insane vocal performance. In short, he encapsulates everything a nu metal vocalist should strive to be, exhibiting face-wrecking aggression along with sputtering, unhinged, almost humorous tendencies that channel Daran Malakian and Serj Tankian of System Of A Down.

Check it out below:

Little has been divulged about the upcoming EP, but all will be revealed on or leading up to its September 16th release. Until then, they'll be performing and getting hype up for what is sure to be a stellar effort, so be sure to follow them online in order to keep up! As always, stay tuned for more mind-numbing nu metal mastery!

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