The CMDWN Release New Music Video

R&B/Rock band The CMDWN are preparing to release their debut EP, Doubt, coming out on August 19th, 2016. The EP sounds like an R&B mix of The Weekend and BANKS smashed together with rock outfits such as The Neighborhood and Bring Me The Horizon in order to create a unique sound. 

The CMDWN are proud to release a new music video for their track “Feelin' It” through an exclusive premiere over at AXS. You can check that out over here!

Talking about the new single, The CMDWN has said the following: "Not everyone learns or finds themselves in the same ways, and sometimes it takes the most unconventional events to get you to that point. This song is about finding that unexpected confidence in yourself." 

Consisting of Chris Gibbons (vocals), Andrue Hale (bass), River Wilde (guitar) and Clayton Blue (guitar), The CMDWN have been pushing an interesting mix of R&B Indie hip-hop with modern alternative rock. The band has been experiencing a great rise in popularity since their debut, playing on the main stage at the LoudWire Music Festival with bands such as Linkin Park, Weezer,  A Day To Remember and Rob Zombie. 

Here is the tracklist for The CMDWN's upcoming debut EP, Doubt:

DOUBT-EP-ART (1).png

1. Shiver

2. Empty Room

3. RoSes

4. Feelin It

5. Black Bile

6. For the Last Time 

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