NIHIL Unleash "Enslaved" Music Video

Boston's hardcore scene is nothing to be screwed with, considering the city was the starting point for notable hardcore acts like Death Before Dishonor, Bane, and Negative FX, to name a few. One of the latest additions to the ranks is Nihil, a three-piece of pulverizing proportions. Consisting of vocalist/bassist Jake Boes, guitarist Zach Bond, and drummer Devin McGrath, the band recently released a brand-new music video for their track "Enslaved" off their upcoming debut full-length album, Foundation. 

Check it out below!

The song is a perfect taste of what the band is capable of, sporting unbridled rage and metal-inspired riff-age a-plenty. It has the raging intensity of a freight train, and the swirling chaos of that same freight train derailing.

Says Boes of the song, "The intensity and anger of the vocals really captures the mindset of the moment we wrote it. Lyrically, the song deals with the frustration of feeling trapped in life. Giving your blood, sweat, and tears to a cause and seeing nothing in return. It’s a concept I'm sure a lot of musicians understand very well."

Foundations Track List:

1. The Third Death
2. Wicker
3. Enslaved
4. Unending Violence
5. Gears
6. Foundation
7. Godrot
8. Sorrow Of The Gods
9. Lord Of Decay


Foundations is set to be released on November 5th!

Mixed by Aslan Freeman and mastered by Brad Boatright, the album comes from the heart and is set to make waves in the Boston hardcore scene and abroad.

Also announced recently, the band will be embarking on the Born To Die tour in September with Hot Gospel. It'll bring them to various destinations on the East Coast, ending in Wallingford, CT just in time to ring in Fall.

Check the dates out below:

Nihil has a lot coming up, so be sure to follow them on their various social media accounts for further info/ possible date changes, as mentioned above. Don't miss out on these dudes. As always, stay tuned for more hardcore hell-raising goodness!

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