Glenn Matthews Premieres "On Repeat"

In preparation for an upcoming September album release, Philadelphia native band Glenn Matthews has been sharing tracks with listeners over the past few months - and we're itching in anticipation.

Today, Glenn Matthews shared their most recent single, "On Repeat." The track joins the ranks along with "Scab Over," which had been released on July 24th. Both tracks express a somber quietude that echoes thanks to the baritone guitar's featured sound - a marked trait of Glenn Matthews as they've grown.

You can check out "On Repeat" streaming on youtube below, and "Scab Over" right here!

The indie rock band is from Philadelphia, PA - a staple since their formation in 2009. Originally created as an acoustic project, Glenn Matthews (aka Kenny Miller) has developed into a full band! Glenn Matthews released their debut EP, The Kitchen Fire of '97, in late 2015. They then released of a six song acoustic EP, two coins add up to thirty cents (tour tape), which was followed by a week long tour through the northeast and Canada. The acoustic EP is where "On Repeat" and "Scab Over" come from!

The great news is that if you really dig these singles, then on September 30th, Glenn Matthews are preparing to release their first full length album, Maintenance, with the help of Family Fabric Wreckords

Check back on The Hook for more info, and here's hoping for a few more songs off of Maintenance to really get us going for the release on the 30th! For more on Glenn Matthews, check out the links below!

Glenn Matthews: Facebook // Bandcamp