Pop Singer Josh Bailey Releases Track

Rising New York City pop singer, Josh Bailey, unleashed his new single, “Baby No.”
Produced by L Williams, the instrumental crosses between dubstep, hip-hop and R&B with its percussive, slow, smooth reverberations. Beneath Bailey’s synthetic voice, it creates a brand new, never before heard sound. In a way, Bailey is every legendary pop artist in one, and because of some of his stylistic choices, it isn’t difficult to infer where he gets some of his inspiration from. He often begins verses with stout crescendos like Prince does in “The Beautiful Ones” and waves a “no no” around like Michael Jackson does in “Dirty Diana.

Dissecting his appearance, he presents himself like a 80’s artist. Bringing the delicate but firm male presence back to alternative pop music with his sleek up-do and look away pose, his face radiating in the lighting scheme.

Bailey has spent years posing for pictures. He ventured into modeling at age 14, around the time he concurred that he decided music was important to him and a career that he wanted to pursue. At age 15, he developed his voice and performance skills in community theater classes for three years. Because of that preparation, he was able to write and record original music including his track “Sugar,” released in 2015.

Currently, Bailey is constructing a free experimental R&B Ep, due for release this summer and will feature “Baby No.”

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