Pop Rockers Harbour Unveil New Single

Cincinatti based indie pop/rock outfit Harbour have released a brand new song entitled “Runaway Kids."

The 5-piece band formed in 2014, and have already generated a strong fanbase who they have dubbed the "Runaway Kids," after their new single!

They’re already selling out shows, and Harbour has even performed at the Bunbury and Longstone Music Festivals. Their self-titled album was released in 2014, and since then they’ve put out another EP, With Love, and now two singles, “Sanibel” and “Runaway Kids."

You can listen to "Runaway Kids" right here!

“Runaway Kids” is a fun track with catchy pop melodies, and a laid back groovy sort of feel. It’s simple, yet effective. The lyrics talk about sharing moments with the people in your life, and reflecting upon those moments.

Harbour’s Ryan Green elaborates, "Imagination is the brightest aspect of our mind. We reminisce to simpler times because we're addicted to nostalgia. We're so focused on the next destination, the journey becomes obsolete but those are the memories we cherish the most. The best part is we can visit these moments anytime we'd like. We're all Runaway Kids, take your time, enjoy the ride, we'll get where we're going eventually."

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