Tomemitsu Release New Music Video

L.A. Dream Pop artist Tomemitsu has released a video for his song “Can’t Stop Thinking," and the song is the opening track of his December 2015 release, Loaf Eye.

“Can’t Stop Thinking” is the second single from Loaf Eye, with “Vacation” receiving its own video in May. Loaf Eye is the follow up to Tomemitsu’s 2013 EP, entitled M O D E S. The cassette release was sold out rather quickly. Two tracks from M O D E S, “Runaway” and “In Dreams,” ended up being featured on the HBO series “High Maintenance.”

Tomemitsu worked for two years on Loaf Eye and collaborated with many other musicians including Colleen Green, Devin Ratliff and Erik Felix (So Many Wizards), Christina Gaillard and James Roehl (Crown Plaza) who all had a hand in the album.

“Can’t Stop Thinking” is a soothing number, aided by Tomemitsu’s smooth baritone, acoustic guitar, and some dreamy synths. The video itself is fun and bright, but has a certain melancholy to it. Check it out below.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself and give praise to director ETA. 

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