Ruby Roses Amps Up Listeners With Brand New Singles

Northern NJ natives, Ruby Roses, have been amping up for their upcoming July release for their upcoming album, Some New Paradise!

In preparation for the release, Ruby Roses has shared two brand new singles with listeners - and if they're anything like what the album has for us in store, then we're really freakin' excited!

Some New Paradise :
1. Love Is In My Arms
2. Shipwrecked
3. Wait All Night
4. Copenhagen Sky
5. Get Me Out Of My Head
6. All That You Need
7. Good Company
8. Illusions
9. Keep The Magic
10. When She Goes Away
11. Catch A Dream
12. Somehow

"Copenhagen Sky" and "Wait All Night" are clearly influenced by Indie-Rock and Pop influences! They're reminiscent of summer nights and the lyrics are good and some parts really sounded like The Beach Boys, so basically you should be listening to these singles!

And more importantly, they are both free!

Check out Ruby Roses social media links for more on the upcoming album, take a listen to the singles, download them for FREE!! Do the thing.

Ruby Roses: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website