Forthteller Signs With Imminence Records, Joins Stages Tour

Ever since the surge of death metal throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Florida has been a hotbed for heavy music.

Considering that The Hook has recently covered news pertaining to the alternative hardcore heroes Frameworks and Imminence Records metalcore newcomers Stages, who both originated in Gainesville, it seems clear that this has not changed. It looks like Imminence Records has taken particular interest in Florida’s potential, as they have just signed Tampa tech-metalcore maestros Forthteller to be amongst their ranks. 


The band, formerly known as I Shot The Albatross, features vocalist David Winters, vocalist/guitarists Ryan Kole and Justin Hatton, keyboardist Josh Beoddy, bassist Garrett Sharp, and drummer Thom Schultz. Together, these Floridians compose complex pieces, complete with odd time signatures, chaotically sweeping riffage, and heartwarming, synth-laden melodies, along with a lot more. Their sense for both the heavy and the heartfelt is evident throughout their Madman EP, which has gained them a lot of attention since its release in May. 

 Furthermore, the band has been added to Stages’ New War Tour, which will bring Forthteller on with their newfound label mates, as well as Tallahassee metalcore act A Dying Breed, on three of the four dates of the tour. You can view dates below.

Drummer Thom Shultz remarked on the recent events: 

We are very excited to be joining the Imminence Records team. This opportunity is something we have been working toward for a long time, and it is amazing to see all the hard work, the immense support we have received, and the opportunities every industry professional has given us finally come to fruition. We want to offer a special thanks to the dudes in Stages for letting us hit the road with them in July and August! Thank you to everyone for believing in us and making this possible. We will never forget that support!” 

With Forthteller’s newfound signing, this band is bound to be demanding the attention of the metal scene at large soon enough. Be sure to follow them on social media to keep up with the latest in Forthteller news, and pick up their existing material for cheap on their Bandcamp. Lastly, be sure to catch these guys live if you find yourself able to do so, as they put on a particularly prime set. As always, stay tuned for more technical terror!

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