Alteras Releases New Music Video via Revival Recordings


Recently, Ohio hard rock/metal quintet Alteras signed to Revivalist Recordings (which is owned by none other than Shawn Milke of post-hardcore band Alesana), and put out a music video for “Could Ever Love”, their first single off their label-debut album Grief.

Alteras, who have been around since 2011, have been building the buzz since the release of their 2015 Shapeshifter EP, and haven’t lost momentum since. The music video was directed by Michele Dulay of Aspire|Immerse, and is viewable below. 

Alteras is composed of Jake Clasen on vocals, Jordan Wooley on guitar and vocals, Mike Dulay on guitar, Zack Orr on bass, and Seth Donchess on drums. Together, they play a style that they deem to be metal, but is closer to a hard rock/post-hardcore sound. Regardless, the band aims to touch the hearts of listeners who need their message most. Therefore, the concept of “Could Ever Love” becomes more of a personal relation between the listener and the music. Vocalist Clasen of the single said:

‘Could Ever Love’ hits some of the most relatable grieving points and is definitely one of our favorites on the album.” In this way, they’re certainly setting the bar high for themselves, and they appear poised and eager to deliver to their fans. Grief will be released on August 5th; pre-order bundles are already available on their MerchNow

It is their burning will that Shawn Milke says has him behind Alteras. As he remarks, “The band has a conceptual, passionate, and creative vision that couples perfectly with the culture and community that we [at Revivalist] are building. We thank Alteras for inviting us along on their journey.”

All this comes on the heels of a tour announcement, which will see Alteras on tour with the Hook-approved Roots Like Mountains, along with the Detroit post-hardcore band Adventurer. Check out the dates below.

Be sure to follow Alteras on their various social media, check out their first EP via iTunes, and take a look-see at their awesome pre-order bundles. As always, stay tuned for more of the latest and greatest music news!

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