The Novelists Release New Single

The Novelists, Reno NV's cinematic art-pop indie rockers, have released a new single from their recent album, Breaking The Script. The music video single is the opening track to the album, entitled “Morris & Estelle.”

You can listen to “Morris & Estelle” and check out The Novelist's debut music video here!

The story behind the video is what fueled the inception of the Novelists. It expresses a true story of elderly lovers faced with terminal illness. It is only fitting that this particular song also becomes the debut music video for the group, directed by Nicholas Lam. Lam has collaborated with artists such as Bastille, Jason Derulo, and Kylie Minogue.

If you enjoyed the video, make sure to check out the full-length double LP, Breaking The Script, for more of the Novelists' storytelling tunes. 

Here is the track-list for the double album, Breaking The Script:


1. Morris & Estelle

2. Finish Line

3. They Will Follow

4. Prisoner Of Your Mind

5. Pattern

6. I'm In No Pain

7. No One Watching Us

8. Set Ourselves Free

9. We

10. You Will Know My Name

11. War Paint

12. Above The Hiding


1. Hang On

2. Soul Sucker

3. I Don't Want To Be Like You

4. Milo

5. Columbia

6. Take Back

7. Changing Tide

8. Take It Slow

9. Rubber Band

10. I Remind You

11. Decide

12. Easier To Dream

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