Matthew Stewart Shares New EP

June 29th folk-inspired San Francisco indie singer/songwriter Matthew Stewart released his new EP Sex Was Gold, along with the four-track album of the same name. Opening with Stewart's soft guitar strums, it quickly dives in with the first line: "She listens to love songs to fill the hole in her heart". Shortly after, the main sentiment of the song is established: an emotionless relationship pursued for the sake of great sex, as exemplified by the line "Our love was fire, but our hearts glass". 

The record takes a softer turn with the slow-burning "A Cheating Affair", showcasing Stewart's darker side along with some pretty impressive finger-picking skills. Things get upbeat again with "Electric", the throwback rock-inspired romp about the elation that comes with figuring out exactly where you're supposed to be. Wrapping up the album, "Never Gonna Be Your Man" returns to the somber, as Stewart finds himself abandoned and alone, once again bathed in the turmoil of wanting what he can no longer have. 

Matthew Stewart is an acclaimed performing, touring, writing and recording artist based in San Francisco, California. Having toured North America and Europe at a young age, Matthew Stewart is a veteran performer. Matthew draws from many genres that include Folk, Alternative, Classical, Soul and Spanish music.

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