Taylor Tucker Shares Heartfelt Ballad

Taylor Tucker is set to release her debut EP, The Leather Shoes on July 15th!

Inspired by witnessing the constant unrelenting pressure to “fit in,” Taylor created a captivating tune with only her ukulele and raw emotion. The track, titled “Enough To Me,” is as sincere as sincere gets. It comes from a place of loving and understanding, and Taylor’s vocal melodies are undeniably enchanting. This charming tune is the perfect way to further reflect what Taylor Tucker is capable of.

The soundcloud stream is below!

Taylor Tucker says, “I wrote ‘Enough To Me’ on my ukulele for one of my sisters. It was the first completed song I’ve ever written. In the middle of writing the song, my inspiration expanded and shifted towards anyone in this world who has ever felt insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin.”

A track that should get listeners excited for the upcoming release of Tucker's album! Check the links below for more info!

Taylor Tucker: Facebook // Instagram