A Work Of Fiction Bring On New Single

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Cleveland alt-punk band, A Work Of Fiction, has released a new single!

The single is called “Falling To The Rhythm." off their forthcoming EP, Write Your Own Story. While we do not know the records release date just yet, we do know that it is being engineered and produced by Dave Douglas of Relient K and Attack Cat at Danger House Recording Studio. In addition to the song, the band released a live studio video which was shot by Evan Prunty of Enfinite Studios while they were recording at Bad Racket Studios. Matt’s vocals blend perfectly with rest of the band's tight instrumentation. 

Check out the live version of this killer song here!

Matt had a lot to say about the inspiration behind this new single: "'Falling to the Rhythm" is a realization of one's need to continue to live, despite the struggles of purpose and time maintenance," says Deulley, "Deciding who you want to be in this life is not always an easy feat, and doing so before you die seems as daunting a task as any. But, we all have to choose sooner or later what it means to be an individual; to find worth in the simple influence we have over the people and circumstances in our lives."

While A Work Of Fiction is an alternative punk band, they take a lot of inspiration from different genres mixed with a positive life message that you should definitely be checking out! 

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