The Tumor Called Maria Release Music Video

Ever since they formed in 2014, Budapest natives/post-hardcore electronica procurers The Tumor Called Marla have been doing things by their terms and theirs alone. As the male-and-female fronted band is becoming more prominent in the states, it has become an opportune time for them to make their mark, and what better way to do that than release a 360-degree, fully viewable music video for their song “Basement Tapes”? 

Hint: there ain’t one!

Off their 2015 EP Trance, “Basement Tapes” comes out the gate with a vibrant vocal tag-team that melds seamlessly with the pummeling, electronics-laden instrumentals, and though it’s very much driven by a liquidy “washed-over” electronica feel, the band bares its claws more and more as the song progresses.

It’s quite the spectacle to witness, and you can do just that right down below!

The Tumor Named Marla consists of András Gerő and Anna Burai on vocals, Geri Kneif on bass, Attila Lauter and Krisztián Farkas on guitar, and Roland Jegyinák on drums. These hard-hitting Hungarians intended to make this video as a way to flip the page on their Trance material. Says vocalist Gerő, “We like to open up to new things, and wanted to close the ’Trance’ era into a final, exciting frame. I feel we did this as it’s still very unique in Hungary to shoot a 360 degree video.” Indeed, 360-degree videos are truthfully still not widely done, especially in as interactive a manner as this. 

It would be advised to follow this band now, as they begin transitions into a new phase of their career, for there will certainly be a lot going on for them in their future. As always, stay tuned for some more exciting electronicore extravagance!

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