Cardigan Records Sign Lazarus Wilde

Indie singer/songwriter (and Nomad) Lazarus Wilde was recently picked up by Cardigan Records!

Kenny Collette aka Lazarus Wilde was started to record songs as a creative outlet, as well as chronicle the time and people he has met throughout his entire life travels. He's lived everywhere from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all the way to California & Puerto Rico. Many of the early incarnations of the new EP started while he spent time living on a boat.

The NC record label will release Lazarus Wilde's self-titled EP on August 5th.

"I'm really excited to be on board with Cardigan," says Collette. "Shane really believes in my music and it's nice to have that support system and have a team who wants to push their artists to be the best versions of themselves and succeed."

Lazarus Wilde:  Facebook // Twitter