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Today, Swedish-American electro-pop duo Eight Bit Tiger premiere their new single "FOREVER" with Music is My Life.

"FOREVER" is a catchy love song swathed in waves of glimmering 80's inspired synth.  The album puts a twist on the 80's, glimpsing into a sonic future where robots have taken over to create a sound of their own. 

Eight Bit Tiger was formed in 2011 in Chicago by brothers Erik and Kent Widman, who were at the time transitioning from their indie rock roots. Following great praise of their debut album, Parallel Synchronized Randomness, the band changed course when Erik moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. Determined to keep the music alive, the brothers built two recording studios in their respective apartments 6888 kilometers apart (for American readers, that’s 75328 football fields). 

The music had now left the physical plane and entered the digital cloud. Sonic experiments and song ideas were sent back and forth, like synapses between neurons, ultimately leading to the creation of Move Dance Feel, three years in the making. While the band’s first album sounded more like a rock band wading into the shallow end of the electronic music pool, This Robot Life is a synth-heavy swan dive into the deep end.

Eight Bit Tiger recently headlined the Bud Light Stage at the Taste of Chicago festival, and will be playing at Chicago's Schubas Tavern on August 12th to celebrate the release of Move Dance Feel.

Move Dance Feel will be available August 9th, 2016 via independent release!

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