Check Out Portland OREGON'S Amanda Jones

High school is a significant transitional period where we form clique's, or avoid them all together, and learn to abandon our favorite parts of ourselves to fit in or even stand out from the majority. 

In my experience, I thought I had gotten used to losing these little bits of myself, until I enrolled at a university forty miles from home. Now entering sophomore year, I've developed new friendships, and unfortunately haven't spoken to many of my high school friends since I left. With that said, I ran across Amanda Jones’ music at the perfect time. 

Her music, especially “My Goodbye,” “Brand New Day,” “Cool Runner,” and “Over Losing,” expresses the cyclical nature of loss, along with typical coping mechanisms one may turn to when they're feeling down. Though she’s undergone quite a transition from alternative r&b/soul to modern pop, the messages in her music has remained consistent: loss, change, and renewal. 

As a 21 year old, it’s been a time in my life where change is all around me. I’ve spent a couple of years figuring out myself, my beliefs and what makes me happy and am starting to feel really good about the place I’m at in my life. Sometimes you just need to start over in order to become the best version of yourself. –Amanda Jones 

Her song “My Goodbye,” written to cope with the death of her cousin, speaks about loss in its most devastating form, taking the listener through the difficult stages of grieving; experiencing unbearable pain, sifting through chains of unanswerable questions, readjusting oneself to continue living, and accepting that one’s life does not cease because you've lost something. These messages are the focal point of her music.

Born in Idaho, raised in Portland, Oregon, Amanda Jones developed a love for music that was discovered in first grade. Soon she was performing at cafés and releasing demos on Myspace. Her fanbase has only grown since. Stay tuned for this articles corresponding interview where we'll discuss Jones’ perception of the modern relationship, along with her quirky performance rituals. 

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