Street Sects Make Announcement & Release Single

For those of you who haven't been informed of the existence of Street Sects, the filthy and ferocious noise-punk duo that bubbled up from the darkest depths of the Austin, TX, music scene... now you have. 

Recently, this band announced not only their signing to experimental label The Flenser, but the imminent drop of their label debut as well. The album, titled End Position, is set for a September 16th release date. The album is reportedly a meditation on suicide fantasy, both the means and the cause. Based on their prior releases, their misanthropic sound will cater well to such a subject matter.

End Position Track listing:
1.  And I Grew Into Ribbons
2.  Copper In The Slots

3.  In Defense of Resentment
4.  Featherweight Hate
5.  Our Lesions
6.  Victims of Nostalgia
7.  Black Din
8.  Feigning Familiarity
9.  Collared, Kept
10.  If This Is What Passes For Living

In the meantime, the band dropped a particularly chaotic bread crumb titled "And I Grew Into Ribbons". It is less of a song and more of an aural representation of a drugged-up joy ride through all nine rings of Hell over the course of three minutes and fourteen seconds. I mean this in the most endearing way possible, for the marriage of Leo Ashline's unhinged vocal delivery and Shaun Ringsmuth's gritty, gutter-scrapingly gnarly production is truly spectacular. Hear the single below.

The band is playing shows in their immediate area, but it does not look like they have any immediate plans to tour.

Regardless, be sure to follow them if you are excited so you can stay up-to-date and possibly cop some fine pre-order goodies in the process. Also, check out their Bandcamp, as their earlier releases are insanely addictive as well. As always, stay tuned for more frenetic south-western frenzy!

Street Sects: Facebook // Bandcamp