GIIA Debuts Single

Boston bred indie elctro-pop singer GIIA makes a splash in the electronic music industry by unleashing her new single “Burning Game,” produced by MEMBA.

Exclusively released with Paste Magazine, the earworm highlights her vocal range and delivers a spine chillingly dark vibe intertwined in a moving beat. The song emphasizes toxic relationships and bad habits. GIIA explains: "...any situation that makes you feel stuck. Instead of coming to your senses, getting out of it and moving on, you fall right back in. Falling back into old habits because it's easier than walking away. When I thought of how that feels I immediately thought of the image of a flame. Something that looks so enticingly beautiful from the outside but when you're in the thick of it, it will hurt and wear you away. Hence the name 'Burning Game.'"

Emma Giarrusso, famously known as GIIA, entered the electronic world through her debut feature on MEMBA’s single “One” in June 2016 and from there, has made her mark in the industry. The song was featured on AXS, This Song Slaps, Dancing Astronaut’s Top Trending Chart, and Run The Trap. Her music is heavily influenced by both trap and pop; she takes the two and creates a brand new sound. She began her pursuit at a very young age, starting her early vocal training in the opera. She later attended the Berklee College of music to study contemporary voice. 

"I was trained classically in the Opera genre, so that that part of my voice comes out in my music. It's a unique sound when mixed with the electronic sound. While listening to my music, I want people to be dancing in their rooms, humming the melodies," states GIIA.

After moving to New York City, she began writing music for local producers which urged her to begin making music for herself. She’s currently preparing to release her singles in bulk, this time blending pop, trap, and operatic, and contemporary music.

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