Sunset Harbinger Share Debut Album

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Eight-piece LA-based future-pop ambient-indie super group Sunset Harbinger have released their debut album, Finally Home!

Finally Home features the lead single, “I Need Another.” Sunset Harbinger is a chilled-out psychedelic vibe pop ensemble that transports you to a fantasy realm over the course of the album. The album was released on June 17th, and it's an album worth checking out! 

The band is formed of musicians from different cultures, creating a unison of different viewpoints and a combined respect for different styles. Finally Home brings out the influence from bands such as Zero 7, Tame Impala, Caribou, Portishead, and Phish. The album explores themes of self-discovery, the quest for human love and companionship, and even the formation of organic musicianship through the human condition. 

You can listen to and download Finally Home from their Bandcamp page!

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