A Story Told Share Intense Music Video

West Virginia Alt-Pop clan, A Story Told, recently shared the telling and sincere video for their track "All of You."

The track comes right off of their debut album, Keep Watch. The band details “Everyone wants to love and be loved and knowing you aren’t receiving 100% of that persona’s efforts takes a mental and physical toll on you.” This track walks the listener through this trying time and hopes to help them through their own process.

This track is reminiscent of bands like PVRIS or The Dangerous Summer, and definitely one of my faves off of Keep Watch! Definitely check out the video below!

The video is intensely personal, a ballad to someone you've fallen out of love with. The music video takes place in what appears to be an abandoned jail, and is really catchy - I definitely had it on repeat.

A Story Told is a band to watch for The Hook, and we're stoked to see what these guys can bring to the table in the future!

Check out their links below!

A Story Told: Facebook // Website