Stream Perdition's New Album Today

The symphonic death metal maestros in Perdition are the loudest thing out of Erie, PA in recent history. They are streaming their entire Imminence Records debut EP, Lost Rites, for your listening pleasure. Clocking in at just under twenty minutes, this short but sacrilegiously sweet experience is worth the time of any metal enthusiast. Check it out below:

The band is composed of Cryptic Josh on vocals, Andrew DeSanctis providing guitar, samples, and backing vocals, Noah Scarpelli on drums, Clare DeSanctis on keys and synth duties, and Ian Ford bringing up that low-end on bass. Having formed in 2008, the band only released a single self-titled prior to Lost Rites, and both can be purchased on iTunes. With the new EP, the band hopes to outline societal ills and the general public’s aversion to common sense. 

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Lost Rites Track Listing:

unnamed (41).jpg
  1. Zeitgeist
  2. Genocide
  3. The Hymn Creeper
  4. The Shattered Hands Of Thieves
  5. Lost Rites


Lost Rites is packed full with rich, complex, and varied riffage which immediately captures listeners’ attention, and doesn’t lose it till the last song is finished pounding away at your eardrums. Every song is interesting and not like that before it, touching different emotional highs at their respective climaxes and offering listeners a goody bag of influences from all over the metal spectrum. 

In particular, “The Shattered Hands Of Thieves” tickles a particularly poignant emotional chord. Pairing triumphantly driving whirlpools of guitar with urgent atmospheric keyboards and anguished yet powerful vocal delivery, the song builds and builds until it chugs its way to the the precipice of brooding chaos and releases a truly beautiful finale spiraling forth into the very abyss of Hell. 

Perdition’s efforts have culminated into this wondrous 5-track EP, and if you haven’t already started listening to it while reading this article, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?! This band has been busting their asses to bring us some prime material for a while now, it’s about time we gave them the notoriety they deserve. You can follow Perdition on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they even have their own website, so you have no excuse not to check these talented folks out. As always, stay tuned for more malevolently magnificent melodic death metal mayhem!

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