Hollow Sunshine Release New Single

Dreamy downer-pop duo Hollow Sunshine recently streamed a new single called "Jewel After Another" from their upcoming album Bible Sea.

Composed of multi-instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer and vocalist Morgan Enos, the Central California group is set to release Bible Sea on July 29th. Vibrant and deep, "Jewel After Another" is a walk down the street in slow-mo, twisting the listener's emotions in a manner akin to Beach House or Have A Nice Life. Follow the link below to hear the single, streaming now exclusively through The AV Club.



  1. Bad Company
  2. Masks of Saturn
  3. Bible Sea
  4. Jewel After Another
  5. Reservoir
  6. Hades

Pre-orders for Bible Sea are available now through Iron Pier. As far as touring goes, this band tends to keep it to the West Coast. However, you can and will be able to find out of any possible ventures into the Midwest/East Coast (as well as whatever EPs/LPs they'll be releasing in the near future, which, based on their track record, could be quite a few) if you follow them on their Facebook, conveniently located below. As always, stay tuned for more!

Hollow Sunshine: Facebook