The CMDWN Release New Video

Provo, Utah's buzzing alternative R&B/rock band The CMDWN  recently announced the official release of their debut EP, Doubt, set for 8/19/16.

The band partnered with MySpace for the exclusive music video premiere for their new track, "Ro$es." Unlike the other rock-influenced songs on their EP, "Ro$es" incites a seductive R&B vibe and Beiber-esque beats with a surprise bit of hip-hop right in the center.  Here is what The CMDWN had to say about "Ro$es":

"Roses is a song for the hopeless romantic. It's about going crazy, driving yourself up the wall, and throwing so much of yourself into gaining the attention and approval from the one that you think holds your heart...but they don't feel the same way. Roses captures that headspace of wanting someone you can't have. [The video is] a visual representation of the longing feeling of unreciprocated love, as well as from the other end of feeling the anxiety/unnecessary guilt of having to tell someone over and over that they do not feel the same way." - The CMDWN

Check out the video below.

Doubt EP: Tracklisting

1. Shiver

2. Empty Room

3. RoSes

4. Feelin It

5. Black Bile

6. For the Last Time


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