GreyMarket Share New Single

Fresh off of the release of their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills, alt-punk electro-pop duo GreyMarket has released “Tied In A New Knot” as a single. This song is indie-pop oriented and is a great example of their dance sound. 

You can listen to “Tied In A New Knot” here!

In recent albums, GreyMarket have been furthering their electronica sound after taking workshop classes at the University of South Flordia. Mike Garguilo and Cave McCoy were interested in the diverse sounds they could produce, making their music cinematic and grander with each release. These two are set to be a big name in power-pop. 

The Stress Kills was released last month. The album features a diverse array of influences that shine together on different flavored tracks. Everything from the more indie-rock “Tied In A New Knot” to more dance-heavy tracks like “Welcome To the Blackout” make it a sure thing that there's something on the album for everybody. 

Here is the tracklist for The Stress Kills:

The Stress Kills Tracklist:
1.    Minutiae
2.    Tied In A New Knot
3.    Airplane
4.    Lunacy
5.    Reality
6.    Don't Let It In
7.    I'm Warning You
8.    Thrown To The Wolf
9.    Welcome To The Blackout
10.    Almost An Always
11.    Malady
12.    Consider Phlebas

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