Perdition Shares Guitar Play-Through

Last Friday, Eerie, PA’s own Perdition released their label-debut EP Lost Rites, through Imminence Records.

It’s not often that Pennsylvania spawns a melodic/symphonic death metal band, let alone one as skilled and well-respected as this bunch. Meanwhile, they’ve been hard at work to show their fans that their guitarists are a force to be reckoned with, releasing a stellar video play-through of their single “The Hymn Creeper” performed rhythmically by their guitarist and multi-insturmentalist star player Andrew DeSanctis.

Witness the sheer awesomeness below!

Having formed back in the fall of 2008, Perdition is currently composed of Cryptic Josh on vocal duties, the aforementioned DeSanctis on guitar, bass, samples, and backing vocals, Noah Scarpelli on drums, Clare DeSanctis covering keys and synths, and Ian Ford on bass.

They play a brand of politically-charged symphonic death metal that sounds like early Fleshgod Apocalypse (which is definitely a high compliment), as well as displaying elements of The Black Dahlia Murder. 

The band’s new EP, Last Rites, kicked up the bar for PA bands everywhere when it came out on June 3rd, delivering some technical brutality that is leaving listeners craving more.

Says drummer Scarpelli of the EP: “The new EP represents our tireless efforts to reinvigorate a genre of music plagued by over-quantization and volume. We are proud to release the first single off of the EP. The song is fast, brutal, and precise with a take-no-prisoner cadence. Its lyrics reflect our societal shortcomings and our overall ignorance towards intelligent, political, and social progress. With every listen of the track an angel loses her wings and a fascist loses his toupee.”

You can purchase their album right here. For further news on this marvelous band’s future plans, take a look at their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. With a bomb EP like this out, the band will be picking up speed in no time, so as always, stay tuned!

Peridition:  Facebook // Twitter // Website