The Novelists Share Brand New Single

Indie-rock band The Novelists have released a new single from their upcoming double album, Breaking The Script.

The album is set for release on Friday, June 3rd. The single is called “Soul Sucker” and it is certainly a track that showcases the band's sound and creativity. The harmonies and lyrics blend together with a strong piano rock track. 

You can listen to “Soul Sucker” at it's premiere site here!

The Novelists are aptly named. Their songs tell stories from multiple perspectives (and lead singers) and explore a wide variety of topics and settings. The band consists of Joel Ackerson on guitars, and mandolin, Eric Anderson on piano, Zack Teran on bass, and Justin Kruger on the drums. All of the band members provides vocals. 

Here is the track-list for the double album, Breaking The Script!

1. Morris & Estelle
2. Finish Line
3. They Will Follow
4. Prisoner Of Your Mind
5. Pattern
6. I'm In No Pain
7. No One Watching Us
8. Set Ourselves Free
9. We
10. You Will Know My Name
11. War Paint
12. Above The Hiding

1. Hang On
2. Soul Sucker
3. I Don't Want To Be Like You
4. Milo
5. Columbia
6. Take Back
7. Changing Tide
8. Take It Slow
9. Rubber Band
10. I Remind You
11. Decide
12. Easier To Dream

Make sure to check these guys out and look out for more updates before the release of the album! You can follow the band on their social media!

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