Weatherhead Premieres New Music Video

Today, Weatherhead premieres their music video for "Contact," and we're probably crying about it.

"Contact" comes off of Weatherhead's most recent EP, Cleaner Blood - and the music video is a first for the band, which is a really exciting development and direction for these Philly locals to be headed in! 

The video was created thanks to director and friend of Weatherhead, Johnny Costa, and we have the music video below for you to check out! 

The video explores a really interesting 'groundhog day' tactic, you know like the movie with Bill Murray - which lead singer Evan and guitarist Jordan co-wrote with director Johnny. 

Also, in our opinion (which probably doesn't matter, but we're going to tell you anyway) "Contact" is a perfect song for their debut music video - and we'll tell you why. The song is a really impactful, emotional, and cathartic representation of Cleaner Blood. It also shows a huge and important amount of growth from their Weatherhead EP to their most recent recognized style - it's growing up and maturing. Lastly, "Contact" is the final track on the EP - and truly acts as this call to answer for Cleaner Blood.

I'm just super impressed, alright. It's like when you read a book and they make a movie and the movie is exactly what you saw in your head. Like, Fight Club. Except, this is Weatherhead.

Definitely watch the video if you haven't already. Listen to Cleaner Blood, tell Weatherhead your favorite joke. The Hook is super stoked on this video, and you should be too!

Check out their social media for more on the music video and upcoming events!

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