Prison Escapee Release Lo-Fi Electronic Track

Los Angeles based lo-Fi electronica act Prison Escapee has released their second single from his forthcoming album, Disappearing Mountaintop.  The song is called “Gunslinger.” The track is raw and personal and dreamlike. It is a love song that reflects some of the themes of the album, which releases on June 16th. The album focuses on thoughts about childhood, moving to Los Angeles, and Jesus. 

You can listen to “Gunslinger” here! The song is full of playful lo-fi beats and calming vocals. 

Erik David Hidde is the brain behind Prison Escapee, a project named after Hidde's best friend who hanged himself after being jailed for 25 to life. Prison Escapee is post-rock, electronica, lo-fi field recordings, and film score-inspired. 

You can follow Prison Escapee on Facebook and Twitter for more information and announcements leading up to the release of Disappearing Mountaintop.