Art d'Ecco Announces Debut Album

Art d'Ecco, indie glam artist, has announced the release of his debut album, Day Fevers, set for release on September 9th, and in addition to the album announcement, the first single from the album is out in the form of “She's So Hot,” which is available to stream on SoundCloud.

D'Ecco has been secluded on an island in the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia for the past three years. He recently decided to start a new life, running different family businesses and tending to the care of his elderly grandmother. This caused him to return to songwriting. 

His first single, “She's So Hot,” has been described by d'Ecco as “teenage angst meets nostalgia.” The track is a throwback to early Bowie and T. Rex glam rock, which is where the album draws its primary inspiration. 

Keep on the lookout for more singles and announcements leading up to the release of Day Fevers.

Here is the track list!

Day Fevers:
1. Sunrise
2. The Deal
3. She So Hot
4. Rita Mitsouko
5. I'll Never Give You Up
6. Let's Go Home Together
7. Nothing Ever Changes
8. Until It Is Over
9. Sunset

For more on Art d'Ecoo, check out the links below!

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