No Jogging For Today Releases New Single

Let’s be honest... you probably haven’t heard of French alternative hardcore band No Jogging For Today before. Well I’m here to tell you that this is a damn shame, because I hadn’t either until I was jolted, defibrillator-style, to life by their lead single “Sick”.

What can one draw from their sound, exactly? Sure, it isn’t your run-of-the-mill brand of aggression, that which simply seeks to pummel its listeners in an ocean of sound akin to being in the center of a crowded push pit in a small space. Rather, it feeds off a rawness similar to KEN mode or Every Time I Die, one which feels at once more light-hearted and more self-aware than the average hardcore band but... still manages to kick in your teeth when all is said and done. 

“Sick” has been released ahead of the band’s upcoming La Flemme EP, and as the opening track, it introduces listeners to a leaner, meaner No Jogging For Today than what could be heard off debut EP Chef De Vigne, which came out in February. It can be purchased via iTunes. It's pacing is pulverizing, and though it feels more cohesive than most hardcore, it still preserves the unbridled fury and foot-stomping intensity which courses through every vein, every single capillary, of NJFT’s music. Take a look for yourself below:

The band, which consists of the colorfully named Lio on vocals, Alx Bizar and J.phi on guitar, Claudius on bass, and Flo on drums, is gearing up to release their EP in excitement. Says guitarist Bizar of La Flemme and “Sick”: 

We recorded the EP at this studio near Nantes with Damien Bolo and we feel this new single sets off this crazy energy and sound that is as powerful as if you were in rehearsal with us. This is a perfect representation of our forthcoming EP that is releasing later this month.

La Flemme Track List:

1. Sick
2. Body
3. Evil
4. Sodom
5. Michel

Make sure to give big ups to French badasses! They drench every inch of their music with passion, and who knows? At this rate, they could end up anywhere in a year’s time. Therefore, don’t slack! Follow them on their Facebook, and keep up with the latest NJFT news. As always, stay tuned for more French fist-pumping ferocity!

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