Josh Flagg Releases New Album

New York native Josh Flagg released his second full length album Tracing Shapes on June 3, 2016. The record focuses on subjects such as marriage, friends, birth, alienation, intimacy and art; taking the listener on a ride not easily forgotten.

Flagg focuses on the humanity of the characters and versions of himself in these songs. He’s looking for the right words, even when he knows they’ll hurt…especially when they hurt. It’s a darker, harder, more complex set of songs featuring a three pronged guitar attack, soaring vocals and asymmetrical songwriting.

“The music is timeless and performed with so much passion that tears almost fall from my eyes while listening to the brilliant title track, this one will make any singer/songwriter full of envy.” - Kaj Roth - Palace of Rock

“Taking songwriting into new territories and yet being one of the most infectious power rock albums, how has the rest of the country not caught on to Josh Flagg yet?” - The Swerve Magazine

“The feeling that sticks after listening to Josh Flagg's record "Devastate Me" is something I wasn't surprised to see as a buzzword in the musician's bio: velocity. There's a sense of urgency that colors the songs individually, and the record as a whole.” - The Buzz About

1. The Floor It Shakes

2. Take Me On

3. One Shot

4. Lights Out

5. Setting Suns

6. Transmitter Park

7. How Long

8. Black Ink Birds

9. Telepathy

10. Poison the Well

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