Altamina Releases New Album

Montreal ambient rock outfit, Altamina, have released their new album, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, via Gray Owl Point. You can head over there to check out their sophomore album!

The somber album broods yet sounds light and dream-like, highlighting the new Altamina sound influenced by electronic acts like Joy Division, Portishead, Tool, PJ Harvey, Alt-J, Interpol, Leonard Cohen, and more. Lead singer François Graham delivers lyrics in a soothing baritone voice, reminiscent of a deep Bowie or Matt Berninger (The National). 

Marco Gervais and François Graham provide more experimentation on this album with the inclusion of new band members Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller, giving the previously lo-fi duo a larger, more comprehensive sound. 

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight is cinematic, sweeping, and introspective, discussing themes of life, love, loss, healing, redemption, and loneliness. 

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight


1. Under the Black Sea
2. Telescope
3. Storm
4. Light
5. Tonight
6. Bunkers
7. Follower
8. Liability
9. Drifter
10. Solstice


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