Tomemitsu Shares Video & Album

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Recently, L.A. Record premiered the video, directed by ETA, for “Vacation,” off of Tomemitsu’s upcoming record, Loaf Eye.

Tomemitsu says, “‘Vacation’ is a song that I wrote all the lyrics to while on vacation in Mexico in 2014. I like it because it brings me back to the beach, reading in the shade while the waves roll in. The feelings of total relaxation and peacefulness come back to me when I hear and play this one.”

Check out the video below!

Tomemitsu, a Los Angeles-based lo-fi and dream pop musician, has spent over two years working on his sophomore record, Loaf Eye, following 2013 debut, m_o_d_e_s. After the cassette sold out, his audience quickly grew to a more worldwide following, especially after HBO series, “High Maintenance” credited Tomemitsu’s songs, “In Dreams” and “Runaway.”

Loaf Eye is the product of two years work, patience, introspection, and collaboration. There are appearances by Colleen Green, Devin Ratliff and Erik Felix of So Many Wizards, as well as Christina Gaillard and James Roehl of Crown Plaza. And Earlier this week, Tomemitsu played an album release show at The Smell with Arjuna Genome and Samira’s Infinite Summer. 

The album officially dropped May 20th on iTunes and Spotify, and CD and cassette via Chill Mega Chill Records and Sucks About Dinosaurs (S.A.D Records). Keep an eye out this dedicated musician’s future releases along with his latest music video and album!

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