David Trull Shares Brand New Single

Indie- folk singer/songwriter, David Trull, shared the second single off of his album, Coin Toss!

The album will be available on June 3rd, and Trull channels inspiration from The Allman Brothers, The Derek Trucks Band, and other Blues icons to create his own signature, existential sound. 

Dave began his music career as a regular live feature while still in high school at St. Louis’ Roadhouse. In college, Trull really discovered and honed in on his sound and songwriting skills. He started a band called Bourbon & Bitters, while he was able to save up enough money through gifts and gigs to record his solo EP, Sowing Season.

Although the EP had much success, Trull still found himself stuck and unhappy in an office job. He decided to make a rash decision and go on a 500 mile pilgrimage across France and Spain called the Camino De Santiago. During this journey he was going to make the decision to abandon music all together or pursue his dreams. He chose the latter and the entire album, Coin Toss, was composed during his 500 mile journey, and “Dark Magic” is the first song off the album inspired by his trip. 

Check out the stream below!

Trull realizes that the sweet memories of childhood are harder to hold on to as life goes on, and explores the themes of loss in his soulful record, which is the epitome of blues. “Dark Magic” is the first glimpse at a record about loss, heartache, and finding the good in every bad situation in life and learning to laugh about it. 

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