Ira Hill Joins O'Kingdom On "The Lost Souls Tour"

Akron, Ohio metalcore outfit Ira Hill will be supporting fellow genre contemporaries, Kentucky’s own O’Kingdom, as they embark on a tour of the southern United States.

Ira Hill has been hard at work getting shows and spreading their message of positivity, and this marks their fourth national tour in the past year.

Check out the dates below:

unnamed (5).jpg

Ira Hill has been around bringing their brand of melodious metal tunes to the masses since 2013. Comprised of Devon Drusky on vocals, Brian Clark on guitar/vocals, Rick Alkire on bass, and Jordan Marich on the drums, the band has had the opportunity to tour with the likes of The Bunny The Bear, The Convalescence, and Open Your Eyes. They’ve also appeared at a variety of festivals including- but not limited to- Dirt Fest, Warped Tour, and SXSW. 

Currently, the band is still touring in support of their Just Keep Swimming EP, which came out June 20th, 2015. The EP is available on iTunes for roughly $7, so don’t miss out. O’Kingdoms is anticipating an album release themselves, with the June 22nd unveiling of Anthem Of The Lost just around the corner. 

Apparently, these bands willed this occurrence.

As drummer Jordan states: “Touring with O’Kingdom has been on our to-do list ever since playing with them at the iMatter Festival in New York last August. Lots of sweat, paint, and breakdowns in store for anyone coming out to the shows, should be a real treat!” 

Be sure to follow both bands online through their website and/or social media! This will be a long and productive summer for the both of them.

As always, stay tuned!

Ira Hill: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
O’Kingdom: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram