In Lights Announce Debut EP

Upcoming pop punk rockers In Lights announce the release of their debut EP Running With Scissors set for release on July 1st.

The 4-track EP has two already released singles, Running With Scissors and Turn Tables. Check it out below!

In Lights started as an internet project, forming after Ilya Turov (Guitar), stationed in Almaty, Kazakstan, had 4 tracks in pre production and Tanner Mayday stepped in to collaborate. In Lights originally consisted of Ilya's previous band members. Musicians were interchanged until the line up was settled with Tanner MayDay (Vocals), Isaac Orue (Guitar), Ilya Turov (Guitar), and Grant Herrmann (Drums). 

Eventually, In Lights worked with Josh Buckner to complete their EP. 

 "We've put a lot of hard work into this album. I'd like to thank Josh for all his effort in helping us really find our sound. This EP really means a lot to us, especially lyrically to me, so we hope you love this as much as we do." - Vocalist, Tanner MayDay

With new members Isaac and Grant, In Lights is currently in the studio writing and recording their debut record. Expected to be released this summer with brand new ideas from both Isaac and Grant, be ready for a whole new feel to the sound as well as innovative ideas. Check these guys out and follow their social media to stay updated with their new music.