HEIRSOUND Announce Debut EP

HEIRSOUND, the colorful alternative pop duo of Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen (formerly of Love, Robot) have just announced their upcoming debut EP!

The release is called Merge and it is set to come out on August 5th!

The band has been releasing music videos from the album. Each song represents a color, which represents a theme. The color theme is present in the music videos. You can watch the videos for “My Own” and “Do It Over” right here!

Petersen and San Román formed HEIRSOUND in December of 2014 as the two were moving on from previous musical outlets.

The band has said that “this EP represents to us both the collaboration of two artists from different hometowns, as well as a metaphorical bridge from both of our older bands' previous sounds to what HEIRSOUND is now. As our old bands were more heavily rock-influenced, this EP has both elements of that as well as more electronic sounds letting long-time fans ease into this new sound." 

Keep an eye out for more music videos in the lead-up to the release of Merge. Here is the tracklist, along with the corresponding color theme to each song. 

Merge Tracklist:
1. Choke - RED
2. My Own - BLUE
3. Slow Motion - ORANGE
4. Hoods Up - PURPLE
5. Fell Again - GREEN
6. Do It Over - YELLOW

Here are social media links for HEIRSOUND! Check 'em out!

HEIRSOUND:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram