Wreck & Reference Release Second Single

Multi-instrumentalists Wreck & Reference have released their second single from their upcoming album, Indifferent Rivers Romance End.

The song is called “Powders” and it is available to listen to right now over at TinyMixTapes. Make sure to check it out!

Wreck & Reference formed in 2011 and recorded Black Cassette, their first EP, in a garage with black metal influences and heavy lyrical themes. They expanded their sonic tone on their first LP, Youth, in 2012.  Their second LP, Want, received critical acclaim from reviewers like Pitchfork, who said that the album was pushing boundaries of new experimentation. 

The much-anticipated third full length LP, Indifferent Rivers Romance End is set for release on July 22nd via longtime partners of the band, The Flenser.

The album features ten new songs and will run about 44 minutes long. The band is employing techniques and styles from different genres such as IDM and trap, mixed with with experimental pop, metal, and noise. They are using more digital sounds and synthesizers more with this latest release and furthering their experimental sound. 

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