Suit Of Lights Release New Album

Break Open The Head, the fourth full-length studio album by New York foursome Suit of Lights, is available now!

The album was released on June 6th, and is filled with genre-bending and quirky rock tracks that are the band's signature “style.” They have been able to mix 60's pop, punk, progressive rock, metal, jazz, and baroque pop into a cohesive whole. 

You can buy the album on Suit of Lights' Bandcamp! It's also available on iTunes!

Suit of Lights was formed in 2003 by Joe Darone, formerly of The Fiendz and The Rosenbergs. He began focusing on his own songwriting which prompted the formation of the band. 

“Some bands go for 30 years with one sound, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s boring to me,” Darone says. Suit of Lights never stays exactly the same over each of their releases, always offering something new to the table. 

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