Prison Escapee Shares Single


Prison Escapee released their newest single, “Gunslinger.” This is the second single off his forthcoming album Disappearing Mountaintop.

Prison Escapee is the moniker of Los Angeles based producer, Erik David Hidde, who named the project after his best friend who hanged himself in his own cell after being put away for twenty-five to life. Musical inspiration for Hidde’s work has drawn from elements of post-rock, electronica, lo-fi field recordings and film scores. His new single, “Gunslinger” explores playful electronica beats decorated with dreamy and serene vocals.

Hidde’s faith is often represented through his music, having been raised in Fort Hunter, New York by a christian family. He produced his first musical works in college, as it was a requirement to completing his degree in multimedia. He hasn’t stopped since. After running the independent record label, Housewarming Records, out of New York from 2011-2013, Hidde has put all his focus into his original music as a means of expressing himself as well as filling an emotional void. After years of writing, recording, and producing, Hidde started Prison Escapee in 2015. Everyday, Hidde returns from his nine to five job and invests whatever time is left in the day to his original music. Both debut and sophomore albums were written, recorded, produced, and mixed in the comfort of his own living room. 

Be sure to hear full-length album Disappearing Mountaintop, featuring both of Prison Escapee’s latest singles, on June 16th!

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